What’s Next for Events? + Virtual Open House Announcement!

With such a fluid situation, it’s hard to know what’s coming next. This is an unprecedented time, and presents many new questions and challenges, but it’s also a chance to innovate and reinvent what we’re used to doing. We’ve seen so many great concepts dreamt up and executed in the events industry, and there’s more where that came from! Let’s not forget what events are for in the first place: connecting with each other! This can still be done while physically distancing or through virtual means. Conducting an event online may even present some unique upsides, such as greater attendance and potentially lower costs. We are adapting to facilitate your webinars, online birthday celebrations, virtual conferences, and more, while ensuring safety for all.

As far as hosting in-person events, there will inevitably be some new challenges and considerations related to protecting your guests’ health. The need to physically distance may require a different size or type of space for your event. You may need to supply protective gear such as masks and gloves to all guests. These things may seem like an added responsibility or inconvenience, but they can be made to fit right in with your event, and we are here to help facilitate these operations!

Customizing protective equipment can be seen as just another element of your event SWAG and will seem more like something with a special touch than something boring or bleak. Personalized fabric masks, for example, would be something that your guests can take home and reuse over and over, and will be a unique reminder of your event. Unique Design and Events is a great local company that’s selling custom logo masks! Visit their website and their Instagram.

*Images courtesy of @unique_design_and_events_ Instagram

There are a variety of other ways to tackle the risks of an in-person event. We’ll touch on some things that we think should be mainstays in all future gatherings, for the sake of preventing the spread of germs. First, opting for catering attendants to serve food onto guests’ plates, instead of everyone using the same serving utensils to serve themselves is a good practice to maintain. Next, propping open all doors in use. Both of these things will reduce the risk of guests coming in contact with “high touch surfaces.”

Since there are surfaces that inevitably will be cross-contaminated, sanitization options should be abundant! We suggest decorating containers for liquid hand sanitizer and placing them throughout your venue, or even leaving individual bottles or hand wipes at each guest’s seat. Websites like Custom Logo It have plenty of options for printing a custom logo on hand sanitizer that you can order in bulk!

In terms of larger events that will need to be held virtually, there are more ways to adapt event elements than you might think! Catering is still a great option (although executed differently) to give your guests a shared experience. There are also plenty of options for entertainment, both that incorporate vendors from the traditional live events scene, and new options made possible by using online platforms. We are able to help coordinate any and all of these elements for your online event!

To start to explore more of these options, and give prospective clients a look at all the possibilities, we are partnering with Groove Labs to host a virtual open house on Sunday, June 7, from 3 to 6 PM. This event will feature a variety of activities in separate breakout rooms, and food and beverage as well! This is a great opportunity to see exactly how a virtual event might run. We will be sharing more details as the date gets closer, and we hope that you’ll participate! You can follow along with Groove Labs as well on their Instagram!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more examples of adapted event executions, and request a free consultation here!

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3 Common Event Pitfalls to Avoid

Through my years of experience event planning, here are my top 3 event pitfalls most people make and how to avoid them! 

Enter your details below to get your free guide