Thanksgiving Gratitude

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about what we’re thankful for and what we hope to achieve next year. 

This year has been so wonderful for me and I want to take some time this month to thank the people who have had an impact on me and my business this year.

It is incredibly fulfilling to watch a dream become reality. Working with the amazing vendors I’ve worked with this year has been nothing short of an absolute privilege. It’s very cool to see them take my vision for each event and run with it. Whether we’re putting together the perfect menu, crafting a jaw-dropping cake, or carefully curating the decor, we worked together to create some really memorable events. 

I’m particularly proud of the balloon work we’ve done this year. If you are new to this blog, I love balloons. I think balloons are underappreciated because when people think about balloons, they overwhelmingly think kid’s birthday party. But balloons are so much more than that. Balloons add an incredible amount of flexibility and variety to event decor. The irony for me is that I’m allergic to latex, so while I love balloons, I can’t touch them. 

This year I worked with my vendors to create some of the best balloon sculptures ever. One of those was Archie the armadillo. Archie was amazing. He was a six-foot-tall armadillo made out of balloons. He was also a fully-wearable costume (I know, right?!). A person could stand inside Archie, if they so desired, and wear him like a costume. Archie was an amazing photo backdrop and the epitome of everything I love about balloons. My balloon vendors never once said they couldn’t make something happen. We made a seven-foot-tall enchanted balloon tree, gnarled and twisted as if by magic. We created extensive ceiling sculptures, adding dimension and drama to each event space with balloons of many different sizes mounted together. And there were 3D name sculptures, filled with vibrant balloons designed to coordinate with the overall color scheme.

Seeing these events come together after months and months, sometimes even a year, working closely with my clients and vendors is huge. These relationships are not one-sided. I work together with my clients and the vendors to make each event a success. It means so much to me that my clients trust me enough to work with them on their special events. These events are once in a lifetime for many people and it’s such an honor to be trusted with such an important day. When somebody trusts you that way, it’s truly amazing.

This year was the first year I had the pleasure of working with repeat clients, and let me tell you that’s a fantastic feeling. When someone comes up to me after an event and says to pencil them in for the next year, it’s such a humbling moment. I’m thankful each and every time. It makes me smile that I’m able to have a positive impact on somebody’s life with my work. It’s also validating. Especially for a small business owner. It’s proof that you know what you’re doing and you’re worth working with. Repeat customers make it possible for small business owners to live off their businesses, and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

I saw my vendor relationships grow and thrive this year. I developed a solid core group of vendors I know I can turn to and recommend to my clients without reservation. Many of these vendors are fellow small businesses and it’s satisfying to be able to help generate business for others. It’s never just one person who puts on an event, it’s a team of people. It’s great to feel like I have a solid team I can turn to. Having a support system in this industry is so necessary and I’m thankful to have found mine.

This was a big year for me because I made the choice to jump in feet first and make EVENTfull ATX my full-time job. I was apprehensive, but there comes a point when it’s now or never. I made the leap and I’m happy to report that it was a successful year. This year has taught me that I can do this. I can do this as a working mom of two kids under three. I can do this job full-time and help support my family. That is an amazing feeling and something I will be forever grateful to my clients for.

This year I also learned something really important about running a business: who my ideal client is. If you don’t work for yourself you may not realize how crucial this is. It’s a huge deal. As a small business owner, it is tempting to always say yes to every client who comes your way. You are afraid that if you start saying no, the jobs will stop coming. But that’s not true! Not every client is a good match for your business, and you aren’t a good match for every client. That’s nothing against the client and nothing against your business. It’s just reality. It’s totally okay to say, “I’m not the right person to do this event.” In fact, your business—and the event—will be better for it. In the end, I want every event to be a success, and that sometimes means saying no.  

There’s one other group that I have to thank and that’s my family. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them. My mom is my business associate. You might not see her with me at events, but she’s there behind the scenes helping me brainstorm ideas and troubleshoot issues. I could not do what I do without her help and support. I realize this is a privilege and I’m incredibly grateful that I have this support. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

I want to thank everyone for an amazing 2019. And here’s to more exciting events in the future!

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3 Common Event Pitfalls to Avoid

Through my years of experience event planning, here are my top 3 event pitfalls most people make and how to avoid them! 

Enter your details below to get your free guide